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Trusted protection that works just for you. Whether you need something for light days, backup support, or just want to feel fresh every day, our liners have you covered. The all-around leakage barrier helps keep your liner comfortable and secure for protection that blends seamlessly into your day.

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Rated 2.3 out of 5 by 41reviewers.
Rated 1 out of 5 by Think (and now know!) this is why I am SO itchy! I have used these pantiliners since I started my period nearly 40 years ago....and use at least one a day, just like many of the reviewers here on this site. Today it hit me as to what might be causing me to itch....did a google search, and I am relieved to learn that MANY others have the same problem I do. I hope you can figure out a way to go back to the way these used to be made...or unfortunately, you will keep losing customers. FIX THIS! thank you! :) December 4, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Kotex, go back to the old adhesive, PLEASE Like so many other reviewers here, I am really frustrated that Kotex has changed the adhesive on these liners. I have been a loyal customer for years, even decades, and never had any problems -- until now. The liners separate, leaving the adhesive on the panty; not only is it disgusting, it is virtually impossible to get the stuff off. I have already discarded a couple of panties, thinking it might be a one-off problem. But as it has persisted, I will not continue to throw away perfectly good and expensive panties. Instead, I am going to switch to another brand.Kotex, what were you thinking?? Please consider going back to the old adhesive! November 30, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Horrible New Design Like everyone else has stated... Bring back the old design and adhesive! After buying a box or two every month (for over a decade!) and using multiple liners per day, everyday... I am looking for a new brand. The glue is almost impossible to get off and the top has to be disgustingly picked off in layers. I miss the old Kotex! The new U stinks! ='( November 9, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by After over ten years of using these everyday, I'm leaving. The new product is awful. It appears everyone has the same feedback. I used the Lightdays Extra Coverage liners for over ten years, every day. When Kotex redid these liners a few months ago, I figured it was just the box for rebranding purposes. Sadly, they changed the liners. Nothing positive.Here are the problems:- These things make me so itchy I can't even stand it!- They stick, and almost immediately fall apart. Every time I go to peel it off, the whole thing disintegrates and filers fly everywhere. Gross.- They ruin panties with the awful adhesive.- They no longer control odour.- They feel awful. If you feel it with your fingers, it seems like it would be nice- but nope.PLEASE ACCEPT THE OVERWHELMING FEEDBACK AND CHANGE BACK. November 2, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by this product is horrible Why did you have to replace the old product? This sucks. I want Kotex to pay for the 2 pairs of underpants that have the liners stuck to them that I cannot get off and have ripped while I tried to get the sticky liner off. It is ridiculous how sticky this is. This reminds me when Coca cola decided to replace the Coke formula and then had to back to "Coke classic". I will be calling Kotex customer service to get reimbursed and am returning the rest of my unopened boxes to Costco where I purchased them. October 9, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by Not happy with new U The old Lightdays Extra coverage pantyliners were far superior to the new U ones. The new ones are smaller, less comfortable, don't stick as well, and separate on removal. After reading the reviews, most of which are unsatisfactory, I see many people share my experience. I will be looking for a new brand, after using Kotex for 30 years! Very disappointed. I wish you had just changed the package, and not the product. October 2, 2014
Rated 1 out of 5 by This product is iffy Imagine my surprise when I could not longer find maximum coverage panty liners in my local store. I tried the extra coverage liners; they are not as wide as the old ones, and the adhesive is poor, within thirty minutes I'm reaching for a new liner because the liner is all bunched up. If you no longer carry/sell maximum coverage, then you must know of a store/website that carries them. September 30, 2014
Rated 2 out of 5 by Why change something that works??? I have used Kotex Lightdays for YEARS.... was very happy with them.Not something anyone wants to wear all the time but if you have bladder issues they were perfect option. Now I can't find them anymore that have an hour glass contour.Everything I have found are now just very narrow, well all of us aren't skinny.I am very disappointed and will be looking at other options. At $6.00 plus per box and still not getting coverage that have had in the past.And to make an additional note - there was a few months that I got several boxes also that would not stick but that problem did straighted up. Must have been a quality control issue. September 13, 2014
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