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  • No more roughing it.
  • Soft, comfortable cottony side barriers help protect you from side leaks.
  • These wings don't fly.
  • Tru-Fit* wings help your pad stay in place. This helps protect your underwear and keep you comfortable.
  • A strong core.
  • A special center keeps wetness in the pad's center, and moisture away from your body. We call it the MicroMax* core.
  • Comfortable cover.
  • This is how we help keep you fresh and dry. It's called CleanWear* cover, made with a special blend of comfy materials.
  • Tween fit.
  • Absorbs like our heavy flow pad in a smaller tween size.
  • Feminine fit.
  • Get curves that match yours plus thin flexibility to fit your underwear.
  • A real softy.
  • Cottony soft protection is great for lighter flow days. We call it the CleanWear* cover.
  • All new, all you.
  • Fun new designs match your personality.
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  • Thin and flexible, for light flow or daily use.
  • Thin
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  • Soft protection for a light flow.
  • Regular
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  • Light to moderate flow.
  • 6-9 Grams
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  • Moderate to heavy flow.
  • 9-12 Grams
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  • For a heavy flow.
  • Light, moderate or heavy.

Sized just right. The new U by Kotex Tween* products feature all the same absorbent protection as U by Kotex* products, smaller than our regular pads, with vibrant new colors and patterns. Explore above to see more detail.

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