As your body begins to change with age, you may find that the person who understands what you're going through most is actually living under the same roof: your daughter. Though the individual changes each of you may be experiencing are vastly different, they affect both of you physically and emotionally and can leave you needing someone to talk to about all you're going through. The good news is you can use this stage in your lives to form an even tighter mother-daughter bond. Here are a few ideas for getting through it all together.

  • Be open with her about some of the changes you're experiencing. It will make her more likely to come to you with questions or concerns about her changing body.
  • Keep each other's feelings in mind. With all the hormones flowing through the two of you, disagreements can turn a bit tense. Remember to always respect each other.
  • See a movie together or read the same book. Talk through the plot and any symbolism together. Explore the characters and ask her who she related to most. Equate the story to your own lives, and see what lessons you can pull from it.
  • Go shopping or get a new haircut together. Your styles may be completely different, but help each other pick out a brand-new outfit or hairstyle. A new look will give you both a confident glow, and it'll be a great memory you'll always be able to share.
  • Give her some of your favorite Kotex® products. Explain how each one works a little differently – Overnight Pads protect best while she sleeps, Pantiliners keep her feeling fresh when she's not on her period, etc. After she tries a few different product types, help her stock up on her favorites at the store.