Next time you hear your daughter say she’s “on the rag” you can let her know how lucky she is to have disposable feminine protection. The term arose in the late 19th to 20th century because woman actually used cloth rags pinned inside their underwear to catch their monthly flow. Knowing this may be just the thing your daughter needs to realize that feminine hygiene this day and age isn’t so yucky after all.

Naturally you’ll want to teach your daughter to keep up with her normal bathing habits while menstruating but whether she decides to take a bath or shower is more about personal choice. There is no harm in taking a bath while menstruating. Rather it is a wonderful and natural way to relax and ease cramps. A quick shower rinse before stepping out of the tub can take care of any concerns about blood leaking in the bath water.

Even though your daughter keeps clean during her period she may still be concerned with odor while menstruating. Address her concerns but also reassure her that most of the time odor is only noticeable to her. If she is not allergy sensitive then using a lightly scented pad may help ease her mind.

You can also try feminine wipes or keep a supply of wash cloths handy for her to clean herself with each time she changes her pad. When to put in a fresh pad will depend on the amount of flow your daughter is experiencing. Be sure to check in with your doctor if either of you notice the odor to be especially foul smelling.

Even though we’re using more than just rags for protection it’s inevitable that leaks on clothing will occur. Treat stains using cold water as soon as possible. Try rubbing salt directly on the stain or presoaking in hydrogen peroxide for 15 to 20 minutes before tossing into a regular load. To lessen the worry over stains, you can always buy her a set of dark colored underwear to use when she’s menstruating.

All in all being “on the rag” is a lot easier than it ever has been. Passing this information on to your daughter is another opportunity to support her in feeling secure and confident when it comes to taking care of herself.