U by Kotex Tween* Pads

Introducing new pads with heavy flow absorbency in a smaller size than our regular pads, for younger girls. U by Kotex Tween* pads come in vibrant colors and patterns, have a special cover to ensure they stay dry, plus an absorbent core to lock fluid away and help prevent leaks.

Your Style

Your Style

Your Coverage

Your Coverage






Your Features

Your Features

  • Comfortable cover.

    This is how to stay fresh and dry – it’s called the CleanWear* cover, and it’s drier than Always Infinity pads.

  • These wings don't fly.

    Tru-Fit* wings help pads
    stay in place to protect
    underwear and prevent

  • Smaller size.

    All the protection of a heavy flow pad, sized shorter and narrower than U by Kotex* Curves* Regular Pads.

  • No more roughing it.

    Soft, comfortable cottony
    side barriers help protect
    against side leaks.

  • Bright, bold style.

    Serious protection
    wrapped in tween-
    friendly designs.

  • A strong core.

    A special center keeps wetness
    in the pad’s center and away
    from the body. We call it the
    MicroMax* core.

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